About License Audit

License Audit is an initiative from License Consulting BV, a consulting company established in 2007 and primarily run by ex-Oracle LMS auditors. Today the company is the oldest consultancy firm dedicated to Oracle licensing, providing expertise to many partners and clients. In 2014 a project was initiated to automate the audit script analysis process and develop better, free and secure Oracle Database audit scripts making License Consulting’s highly regarded skill set available to Oracle users and Oracle Partners worldwide. The automated reports provide meaningful information for Oracle license compliance managers, Database Administrators, IT Architects and their IT / SAM Partners.

Oracle’s license requirements for Database Options and Management Packs have always been controversial. Many clients only learn about current (un)intended or historical deployments during Oracle LMS audits, after which they are again exposed without means to maintain compliance and control. With the help of License Audit, clients and their IT Partners are now able to understand and control the deployment of Oracle Database Options and Management Packs.

Audit Script availability and security

License Audit processes output generated by scripts from Oracle LMS, offering insight and understanding to clients undergoing an Oracle compliance audit. Unfortunately Oracle’s scripts are not freely available, and sharing the output is often associated with discussions around security and privacy concerns.

Our proprietary scripts are freely available and contain more powerful queries to provide more context and advisory to the generated report. Our free AES-256 bit encryption tool allows obfuscation of security- and privacy sensitive information, in accordance with the highest industry standards. Security officers from financial institutions as well as government organisations have already agreed to uploading the encrypted data to our cloud platform.

3 simple steps to get started with your own data:

Run Audit script

Download and run SQL audit scripts on your databases.

Upload output files

Upload script output and get notification once analysis is complete.

See analysis

After processing, you get to see the analysis results in your own dashboard.