Prevention is better than cure.

You want to know if you’re compliant, independently from Oracle LMS?

License Audit created a tool to simulate the outcome of an Oracle audit. It reveals any blind spots, without the risk of being penalized by Oracle. 

How does it work?

The process simulates an Oracle audit for Oracle database and related Options & Management Packs.
So you will:

Free report code

To obtain a full forensic analysis for free, enter the “free report” code.

The button came in a carton box. A sticker contains your unique report code.

The code can only be used once: Make sure you collected and uploaded all script output before analysis. 

How secure is your data?

Audit output may contain security and/or privacy sensitive data. License Audit offers an optional tool to encrypt the generated output. 

AES-256 Encryption is possible on your local PC. Upon encryption, a reference table is generated allowing easy de-cryption of our report. 

Decryption can be done on your local PC or by entering your password and salt online, only decrypts data for your browser session

Security officers from several financial institutions and government organizations reviewed the security levels to find them safe for frequent use. View the documentation to learn more.

What is our connection with Oracle?

License Audit is 100% independent. It does not sell (Oracle) software nor does it have any commercial ties with any software vendor.

Any questions? Please contact us, using the form below: