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How correct is your analysis?

License Audit is second to none. In the unlikely event a client demonstrates an imperfection in the analysis result, a credit will be issued for the entire analysis. License Audit will then be updated to maintain it’s track record.

We look forward to handing out the first credit.

How do you stay up to date with the latest information and developments?

Our management and staff continues to manually analyze sets of audit data, ensuring frequent updates to License Audit. Also, the user population provide valuable feedback and tips. Accordingly improvements and updates are implemented frequently to maintain our quality standards, but also to improve the functionality and usability of License Audit.

We have Flexera or another Oracle Certified Tool: Should we use this?

Oracle’s Certified Tool program is no longer up to date. Most vendors are dealing with outdated scripts. For Certified Tooling vendors, the analysis algorithm is created by Oracle and is aimed at generating license revenue rather than information or optimization. To test drive the difference, just compare the outcome from an Oracle Certified Tool with License Audit.

We have already been working with Oracle Certified Tools who recognize that our engine is second to none and provide much more useful and valuable than the scripts and algorithms provided by Oracle. In fact, many clients use Flexera company wide. We encourage clients to use discovery tools such as Flexera, but can always demonstrate it is better to rely on License Audit for data analysis.

Is License Audit compatible with all Oracle Database Options and Management Packs?


Can I re-use this data for our SAM process or CMDB?

We offer export of relevant data in Excel, at a host- and database level.

How secure is my data?

Audit output data required to analyze compliance on Oracle databases contains security and privacy sensitive data. License Audit offers an optional tool to encrypt the generated output at no additional cost. It is highly recommended to use it to comply with your internal security standards. Encryption is done on your local PC using a password of minimum 32 characters, as well as a salt of minimum 16 characters. Upon encryption, a reference table is generated allowing easy de-cryption. Decryption online is an option using your password and salt, which only works for your browser session. License Audit securely deletes uploaded data after data processing.

Security officers from several financial institutions and government organizations reviewed the security levels to find them safe for frequent use. View the documentation to learn more.

I need advisory around the findings, where should I go?

For every single finding we explain the source and meaning, allowing your technical team to optimize the estate. For expert help from others than ourselves you can soon expect a list of partners you can turn to, capable of providing you with assistance and guidance around cost-savings, hands-on DBA work, infrastructure design, compliance and other affiliated skills.

Where can I get audit scripts to check compliance on Oracle databases?

Please see instructions and documentation here. can also analyze output generated by Oracle’s audit scripts (version 16.2 and upwards), including Oracle’s masked script version.

Our company is under audit by Oracle. Prior to sharing the script output with Oracle we want to know what it means. Can you help?

Yes. License Audit is not only compatible with the scripts available here, but also with Oracle’s official audit scripts. detects what exactly you are uploading and interpret accordingly.

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