About Daniel Hesselink

Daniel Hesselink has been working in the software licensing industry since 1995. He has had positions at vendors, distributors and resellers. His skills resulted him training staff, partners and end users with regard to software licensing. As a former auditor for Oracle License Management Services (LMS) he was also training new LMS and Sales staff throughout EMEA.

During the last decade Mr. Hesselink has been working client side, assisting end users in actively improving their Oracle license compliance and improving their negotiation position against Oracle. Due to his combination of technical and communicative skills, he is regarded as an industry expert for Oracle licensing and a frequent guest speaker at Software Asset Management venues throughout the world, as well as IT industry events as such as VMWorld.

Key Expertise

  • Knowledge about all Oracle licensing agreements
  • Technical skills in Oracle IT audits, including Oracle audit script analysis
  • Ability to translate specialized subject matter to a variety of stakeholders (Legal / Finance / IT)
  • Define and execute achievable roadmaps for Oracle clients regarding license compliance, ULA certification, license- and support reductions


  • Improved the ROI on for Oracle ULA certification in excess of $100 million whilst identifying and eliminating any compliance risks.
  • Acting as strategical advisor for an entire central government with regard to Oracle vendor management, across all ministries.
  • Reduce an alleged incompliance in excess of $4 million imposed by Oracle LMS to less than $150,000 for a global High Tech company, exclusively revisiting the audit script results.
  • Reduced the spend on Oracle support for a Healthcare organization in excess of 70% per year without changing the application deployment.
  • During audit defense, eliminated Oracle’s requirement to run audit scripts for multiple customers.
  • Assisted many clients in implementing Oracle deployments on VMware vSphere 6.x whilst reducing their Oracle licensing footprint.
  • Training of IBM Partners for implementing Oracle database environments on IBM Power Systems.
  • Fully automated the process of Oracle Audit script analysis.