We work together with a wide range of businesses, from international chains to smaller national companies. Every client is equally important for us and will receive the same support. Learn more about how our clients are using License Audit to transform their business and optimize their estate.

Branch: Healthcare
FTE: 1200

Compliance can be challenging, in particular for Oracle on VMware.
We ran the audit scripts available on and analysed them in the free version of the website. After a few minutes it reported that our utilisation of Oracle Database Options and Management Packs is limited to the licenses we have: Something we had hoped for, but never knew for sure. It’s a highly recommended solution, allowing Oracle clients to do these checks independently on a regular basis.

Marcel Verbunt, Hoofd MICT, St. Anna Zorggroep

Branch: Retail
FTE: 21000
Stores: 3100 in 8 countries

With the Oracle Database script analysis we are able to deeply understand the actual use of Oracle database software. It allowed us make informed decisions about our virtualization plans, whilst keeping license- and support costs at in par with our strategy.

Bart Brakel, Manager Infrastructure

Oracle Gold Partner: GoAhead Solutions

As an Oracle Gold Partner, we’ve been working with this team for a long time and they’ve always been able to impress us and our clients. Their data analysis skills are exceptional and have helped us giving our clients much better advise in terms of Oracle system architecture, whilst optimizing the licensing and support costs. The fact that we can now bring it as an online tool to all our clients with the possibility to do an analysis for free, is really a game changer!

Jaime Mendoza, CEO
T: 650 873 7255