Free Version

License Audit includes a free version allowing you to check if you see any surprises in your database estate. Please click here to see the demo. You can also check our free version ‘sample xls report‘, or you can register for a free account and start using the tool right away. Scripts are available after registration, or from here.


Pricing depends on the number of database instances to be processed within 365 days. A minimum quantity of 100 instances is applicable.

Purchases can be made after account creation. Please click here to see the demo, you can also check our full version ‘sample full xls report‘, which still can be pretty informative, or you can register for free account and start using the tool right away

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Included Features

  • Activation period
  • Database Options Analysis
  • Database Packs Analysis
  • DataGuard Standby Configuration
  • Real Application Cluster Configuration
  • Deployment Per Host
  • Deployment Per Database
  • Detailed Option Usage Information
  • Excel Export
  • Processor Usage Analysis
    (hardware processors analysis based on Oracle's Processor definition)
  • Compliance Estimation
    (based on your Oracle License entitlements and current Oracle's Processor and Oracle Named Users definitions)

Standard Per Project


Premium Per Project