Oracle-Contract-NegotiationBased on many years of experience – and because our consultants have intimate knowledge about the negotiation counterpart – we  advise like no other how to engage in negotiations about license agreements. Depending on the situation and politics, we are engaged in the fore- or background to exceed your expectations.

License Consulting helps you to gain insight in every aspect of the negotiation:

  • The vendor’s view on you. How strategic are you for this vendor, and how important is the deal to close for the sales-rep?
  • What are negotiation arguments, and how to use them and what is the right moment?
  • While it may seem irrelevant, arguments about your technical purposes and infrastructures proof to be very important. What are they?
  • Which parts of the license agreement are negotiable, and to which extent?
  • What support conditions are negotiable and to what level may the vendor accept changes?
  • The vendor’s approval process: Who is involved and to which level do you really need approval?
  • What are the best arguments to include for the vendor’s approval process?
  • Are you buying licenses that you were told that you need, or that you really need?

We explain what the rules of the upcoming chess game are, and what each counterpart’s stake is. We’ll agree on a strategy, and play the game: Together. We don’t base our advice on global statistics, but on real life proof. Unlike other ‘Procurement Consultancy Firms’ we can actually join you at the negotiation table.