Oracle-Infrastructure-DesignDo you really need to invest and buy more Oracle licenses? To answer this, clients determine if they are using existing licenses and infrastructure efficiently. We can then tell you if and how you could change, and probably reduce the foreseen investment.

The use and cost of Oracle licenses go hand-in-hand with the infra structure a company chooses. It’s a fact that Oracle Software Asset Management suppliers and tools don’t look at your environment from a technical perspective. If you show your environment to any SAM Supplier, they will tell you what license you need. There is no optimizing of the technical environment, or looking at opportunities to  save money.

Since License Consulting is not an Oracle partner, or a partner of any software or hardware vendor, we are not driven by anything else than your best interest. With your Oracle license investments in mind we optimize your landscape, for the best performance, availability and Total Cost of Ownership. This is achieved by developing a project plan to map the infrastructure, quantify the savings from realistic optimization strategies. Everything clear and understood, supported with the monetary benefits and technological up/downsides. From that point on, any client can make better and informed decisions.