Oracle-Internal-audit-300x199Bet your paycheck about being compliant? Most don’t.

Every enterprise should get an unbiased and independent opinion about their compliance risks of running software. The first reason is that contracts often are unclear, but also technical staff are not aware of risks caused by deploying software in every possible way. We believe in periodic preventive checkups of the software deployment: Infrastructures and deployments change far more frequently than contracts do. Clients want to be reassured that nobody installed more than allowed, or checked an extra box during installation, and are now running software that pose a compliance risk. The biggest risk is however that people make false assumptions about the contracts and their controls: An unbiased view will eliminate that risk. For continued services, verify technical designs and quantify their compliance influences before they are effectuated.

And last but not least, when companies are split, bought or sold, this independent compliance analysis should be a standard due diligence exercise and is often forgotten.

We verify a client’s estate on a frequent (annual- or bi-annual) basis. Reports and conclusions in easy readable language, and include financial implications and how to resolve issues by technical means. Our key focus areas are Oracle, SAP, IBM and Microsoft infrastructures and their license agreements.