Oracle customers spend significant time to achieve annual savings, only to find out that Oracle describes many limitations in the Technical Support Policies to make it happen. These policies are part of the annual support renewal contracts, and contractually binding.

Specific items causing the pain are implicated by these sections:

    • Matching Service Levels
    • Pricing following Reduction of Licenses or Support Level
    • License Set

It is only because of our understanding of Oracle’s internal organization that we can optimize and save on support – even if you (and Oracle) think you cannot. How much you can save depends on many factors, amongst others your unique set of Oracle software agreements, company structure, software deployment, other license requirements and many other variables. After going through all of them, our customized recipe is very easy to understand, with a very predictable result.

This service is provided on a no cure no pay basis, and is only available if your expected annual saving exceeded €100.000.-. It is however included for clients who are subscribed to our internal audit service.