Oracle-ULA-CertificationManaging a ULA agreement is far more important than managing other license agreements. Clients that choose for our ULA Optimization Service, obtain millions in Oracle licenses that they otherwise wouldn’t, and eliminate any compliance issues during certification. Key elements of certification are highlighted here:


This is the foremost reason that clients engage in another ULA agreement. A certification is like an audit: Oracle will count the software use for the client. More often than not, more products than agreed in the ULA are installed and used, without the  client’s awareness. This in-compliance is then used by Oracle to push for another ULA – most likely one that includes an Exadata box and licenses that are really not required at all – which will cost another few million, and increase the annual support yet again.


Many organizations don’t understand how the ULA really works, and what the certification is. That’s not strange, because more often than not in 3 years time (the typical contract term for a ULA) people, positions and responsibilities have changed. And that’s why many ULA clients have to buy additional licenses just a few months after certification.

If the ULA is managed properly, unwanted side effects can be avoided while increasing the ROI of the ULA. No client got a good ULA aftertaste unless the ULA was managed efficiently towards it’s certification. Ideally the optimization service will start 8 to 12 months before the certification date.