Oracle-audit-supportWe identify, quantify and eliminate unexpected and unwanted compliance risks when software vendors announce an audit. By doing so, high expectations in the vendor’s sales forecast (and related discussions) are prevented. A swift turnaround time and project management is achieved, while no unexpected surprises remain: Financial risks can be reported internally before an external conclusion has been made, and no longer come as a surprise.

We scan the IT environment in the way you are instructed to do by the external auditor, and pre-scan and analyze this information. It enables us to fetch potential problems, report the financial compliance risks, and provide instructions how they could be reduced or eliminated. Only once the the implications are understood or improvements are implemented and verified, the audit information will be shared with the external auditor.

Benefits for Oracle clients

Risks that arise during audits which typically result in conflicts and penalties are:

  • (Past) usage of Oracle Database Enterprise Management Pack
  • (Past) usage of Oracle Database Options
  • Unlicensed Oracle software on your DTAP environment
  • Oracle’s skills of implying non-contractual practices to the audit results
  • Non optimal installations or configurations that force you to invest more money in Oracle licenses than needed
  • Discussions about Disaster Recovery and Failover in the Oracle environment
  • Virtualised Oracle installatations (VMware)
  • Partitioned server configuraties (LPAR)
  • High number and often unnecessary number of Oracle processors that are allocated to the Oracle environments
  • Inefficient lay out of database instances in your infrastructure

This service is available at a fixed project fee.