We continue to manually analyze large sets of audit data, ensuring frequent updates to License Audit with all lessons learned. Also our users provide valuable feedback and tips. Accordingly improvements are released: Below table illustrates the most important improvements.

Do you have any tips and/or feedback? We’d love to hear from you!


October 2018
– Improved XLS Report, added detailed usage evidence for options found, added more readability for RAC and standby environments
– Added ‘High Availability Environment’ tab in report, increasing the readability of data in large and complex infrastructures
– Improved design of web version frontend
– Miscellaneous improvements option detection
September 2018
– Hardware outputs scripts processing start development 
– Improvements in audit scripts outputs masking tool
– High Availability Architecture  groups concept preparing in reports
August 2018
– Created independent virtual machine, for deployment on-site in high-secure environments
– Added RAC Features copy functionality, for situations where not all RAC nodes were scripted
– Improved detection, processing and reporting of HA environments for complex infrastructures including Oracle HAA
July 2018
– Misc audit tool dashboard improvements
– Improvements in data consistency check (Multitenant, Stanby environments, OEM targets mapping)
– XLS report improvements
June 2018
– Improvements in pricing slider and ordering process
– Support tickets system improvements
May 2018
– Tweaks in xls report, adding OEM structure tab, adding outputs files processing details 
– Implementation DBID support for enhanced feature detection
– Added GDPR support rules on public and protected sites
April 2018
– Demo site improvements, including AES-Encryption/Decryption
– Spatial features usage detection changes and improvements
– Added ability to encrypt output from Oracle’s Review Lite script
March 2018
– Standby configuration detection improvements
– Added OEM structure views in front-end
– Miscellaneous tweaks and improvements in audit script
– Added AES-256 encryption
February 2018
– Improvement for Multitenant detection
– Dashboard design improvements
– Added Historical evidence type 
January 2018
– Added data consistency check for RAC Environments
– Improvements clarifications in Excel export report
– Frontend tweaking, optimization for mobile users 
– Improvements in data collection / New version of SQL scripts