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Non validated tool

We’ve long questioned the marketing hype surrounding ‘Oracle LMS validated tools’. They simply fail to offer a truly transparent license position report. Even Oracle acknowledges the shortcomings in the fine print:

Oracle will accept information from any of these non-validated tools as a viable alternative to installing the Oracle Collection Tool. It’s important to note, however, that the installation and use of a tool from a verified vendor do not replace the possibility of an Oracle License Audit, nor do they revoke Oracle’s contractual right to perform one. The usage information gathered from these tools will still undergo analysis by Oracle to assess license needs and furnish the customer with a compliance statement.”

 Addressing Concerns:
Oracle’s own collection tool, despite its convenience, comes with certain limitations. Among these is a significant liability clause stipulating that Oracle’s responsibility for the tool’s correct operation is limited to a maximum of US$ 1,000. This limitation, and the type of sensitive data being collected by Oracle, often raises concerns among clients. Legal counsels and security teams will be on high alert, and rightfully so. In 2014, an French court ruled that the data collection requirements by Oracle goes well beyond the contractual requirements to accommodate a license audit.‘s Approach: does not aspire to be a validated tool provider. Instead, we focus on assisting Partners and their clients independently to understand the true license position. Clients who refuse to accept Oracle’s license agreements and who do not have a validated tool, can convert the raw output data into a format compatible with Oracle’s systems. Even though License Audit is no validated tool, Oracle then can and will analyze our output as if it were collected by a validated or their own tool. Importantly, Oracle has consistently failed to dispute the findings presented in our detailed analysis report. This unique advantage means that, even before submitting raw data to Oracle, clients have been made aware of the potential outcomes of Oracle’s audit. Foreknowledge of the audit outcome enables clients and their Partners a valuable window of opportunity to address any concerns. In addition to only reporting an ‘as is’ scenario, LicenseAudit is designed to be used for quantifying the result of optimizations of Oracle database deployments. The cost benefits of such changes are quantified automatically, considering Oracle list prices, currencies and discount levels.

Privacy, Security and built for the be best TCO
We understand the paramount importance of privacy and security. That’s why we employ AES-256 encryption to safeguard all privacy and security-sensitive data. Reviews from several banks and governments have found our (encrypted) data to be safe for further distribution.

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