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How to get the information about your client's current Oracle installations and options and packs used?

Running audit scripts for database installations and gathering hardware information can be non trivial task. From our experience usually several departments are invoilved into process. We can offer you an optimal way of executing audit scripts, but we would like to know more about your infrastructure. Please schedule a call with our experts to discuss the details.



Each script has it’s own manual. We advise you to read these before running the scripts. Use of the Collection Tool and encryption is also documented.

If you consider analysing your estate annually, or again after remediation, the Collection Tool will save you a lot of time.

The manuals are included in the download of the scripts.
Can’t wait? Have a peak.


   License Audit – Database Outputs Collection Instructions

We strongly recommend to encrypt your data on-premise before sharing. AES-256. Free. Safe.

   Encryption Presentation

Data Collection Tool


For a one off analysis you can collect the data manually. But if you want to do another analysis after remediation, or annually, the Data Collection Tool is a much better (efficient) option.

The source code is available in order for security teams to validate it’s integrity and even compile the software installer from scratch.

Included in the package are:

  • Database audit scripts, which query all data that are also queried by Oracle LMS during formal audits;
  • CPU scripts, for bare-metal environments;
  • VMware CLI scripts;
  • AES-256 Encryption (optional)



License Audit processes output generated by scripts from Oracle LMS, offering insight and understanding to clients undergoing an Oracle compliance audit. Unfortunately Oracle’s scripts are not freely available, and sharing the output is often associated with discussions around security and privacy concerns.

Our proprietary scripts are freely available and contain more powerful queries to provide more context and advisory to the generated report. Our free AES-256 bit encryption tool allows obfuscation of security- and privacy sensitive information, in accordance with the highest industry standards. Security officers from financial institutions as well as government organisations have already agreed to uploading the encrypted data to our cloud platform.