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SAM Services

LicenseAudit (LA) is at the forefront of revolutionizing Oracle license compliance services. We specialize in providing in-depth, automated assessments of Oracle infrastructures, empowering Software Asset Management (SAM) Partners to navigate licensing complexities with confidence. Our partnership offers SAM companies the opportunity to enhance their expertise and deliver unparalleled value to their clients through comprehensive reports from industry experts.

Key benefits of working with License Audit Services:

  1. Comprehensive Oracle Infrastructure Insights:

    • Our automated collection scripts offer an unparalleled view of Oracle installations, configurations, and usage patterns.
    • Collect critical data points to help improving existing SAM and CMDB data sets. Your team can now provide clients with a complete understanding of their Oracle landscape, eliminating blind spots.
    • Provide tools and scripts to your customers in order to – and independently from Oracle – understand the IT deployments.
  2. Proactive Compliance Audits:

    • Move beyond reactive approaches to compliance issues. Our services include regular, proactive compliance audits to identify and address potential risks before they become financial liabilities.
    • Position your SAM services as proactive, reducing the likelihood of unexpected compliance challenges for your clients.
  3. Streamlined Data Collection Processes:

    • Say goodbye to time-consuming manual data collection. Our integrated scripts streamline the process, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.
    • Experience faster turnaround times, allowing your team to deliver comprehensive XLS reports with ease, offering clients a clear overview of their Oracle environment.
    • From data collection to a full detailed report, will cost no longer than 2 cups of coffee: Even for large Enterprises. 


By partnering with LicenseAudit, SAM Partners can optimize their Oracle licensing deployments, offering clients a leading one-stop-shop experience backed by advanced data analysis, proactive compliance auditing, and user-friendly reporting. Elevate your SAM services and stay ahead in the competitive landscape by engaging with LicenseAudit, the leaders in Oracle license consulting.

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