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SAM Services Landing Page

SAM Services Landing Page

LicenseAudit (LA) is at the forefront of revolutionizing Oracle license compliance services. We specialize in providing in-depth, automated assessments of Oracle infrastructures, empowering Software Asset Management (SAM) Partners to navigate licensing complexities with confidence. Our partnership offers SAM companies the opportunity to enhance their expertise and deliver unparalleled value to their clients through comprehensive reports from industry experts.

Key benefits of working with License Audit Services:

  1. Comprehensive Oracle Infrastructure Insights:

    • Our automated collection scripts offer an unparalleled view of Oracle installations, configurations, and usage patterns.
    • Collect critical data points to help improving existing SAM and CMDB data sets. Your team can now provide clients with a complete understanding of their Oracle landscape, eliminating blind spots.
    • Provide tools and scripts to your customers in order to – and independently from Oracle – understand the IT deployments.
  2. Proactive Compliance Audits:

    • Move beyond reactive approaches to compliance issues. Our services include regular, proactive compliance audits to identify and address potential risks before they become financial liabilities.
    • Position your SAM services as proactive, reducing the likelihood of unexpected compliance challenges for your clients.
  3. Streamlined Data Collection Processes:

    • Say goodbye to time-consuming manual data collection. Our integrated scripts streamline the process, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency.
    • Experience faster turnaround times, allowing your team to deliver comprehensive XLS reports with ease, offering clients a clear overview of their Oracle environment.
    • From data collection to a full detailed report, will cost no longer than 2 cups of coffee: Even for large Enterprises. 


By partnering with LicenseAudit, SAM Partners can optimize their Oracle licensing deployments, offering clients a leading one-stop-shop experience backed by advanced data analysis, proactive compliance auditing, and user-friendly reporting. Elevate your SAM services and stay ahead in the competitive landscape by engaging with LicenseAudit, the leaders in Oracle license consulting.

Use Cases

Streamlining Oracle License Management in Mergers and Acquisitions

In the ever-evolving landscape of Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), SAM vendors play a pivotal role in simplifying Oracle license management. License Audit (LA) recognizes the intricacies involved in license transfers during such transitions and has developed a tool with a flexible reporting structure ideal for M&A projects. This adaptable structure serves as a valuable baseline, enabling SAM vendors to seamlessly incorporate current or future entities and efficiently manage specific workloads. Assigning licenses to workloads provides a comprehensive view of the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) during M&A activities.

License Audit’s user-friendly tool streamlines the complexities of Oracle license compliance during M&A processes, ensuring a smooth transition while mitigating compliance issues and minimizing financial risks. The tool’s quick and accurate analysis of audit scripts within 1-2 hours delivers Excel workbooks containing summaries, management, financial information, and detailed technical sheets. This empowers SAM vendors with cost-effective and time-efficient solutions to navigate Oracle licensing challenges and deliver optimal outcomes.

Oracle SAM as a Service  – Automated and Secure

Creating an Oracle Effective License Position (ELP) can be overwhelming, especially for large-scale database estates. SAM Partners can now leverage our automation tool to white-label technology and reports, managing database estates effortlessly. This tool streamlines the execution of audit scripts from a central location, simplifying the process for SAM Partners and ensuring security through AES 256 encryption. Even the most security-sensitive organizations can confidently share collected data with designated SAM Partners, who play a pivotal role in controlling costs and licensing footprints for all major vendors, including Oracle.

In addition to the streamlined approach, SAM Partners, under specific circumstances, have the opportunity to transform into tooling vendors. This transformative step not only enhances the SAM Partner’s service offering but also establishes them as key players in delivering comprehensive and efficient Oracle SAM solutions to their clients.

Enhancing existing SAM Tools: Flexera and Friends

While Oracle Validated Tools collect raw data accepted by Oracle, they often fall short in providing a comprehensive report reflective of an Oracle Audit outcome. License Audit addresses this gap by processing the raw audit data from Oracle validated tool vendors and presenting it in the most thorough manner possible. The resulting report not only showcases the accepted data but also highlights information that tools like Flexera might have missed, particularly Processor data such as IBM Power, VMware, and Oracle VM data – crucial elements typically within the domain of validated tool vendors.

In essence, organizations utilizing validated tools, such as those from Flexera and other SAM tool vendors, now have access to the most comprehensive and accurate compliance reports available. This eliminates the need for direct engagement with Oracle, as the entire process is fully automated, providing customers with a seamless and efficient solution for Oracle license management. This innovative approach ensures that users of validated tools can augment their compliance assessments with the detailed insights offered by License Audit. By embracing this integration, organizations can effortlessly navigate the complexities of Oracle licensing, stay ahead in maintaining optimal compliance, and extract maximum value from their SAM tools.

Incomplete Oracle Infrastructure Visibility

In the realm of software asset management (SAM), many companies grapple with the challenge of incomplete visibility into their clients’ Oracle infrastructures. This limited perspective significantly hampers their capacity to deliver precise and effective software asset management services.

Distinguish your license consulting services by offering a comprehensive Oracle infrastructure audit to address this visibility gap. Implement advanced collection scripts strategically to gather granular details on Oracle installations, configurations, and usage patterns. The culmination of this thorough investigation is presented through a user-friendly XLS report, furnishing SAM companies with a holistic and detailed overview of the intricate Oracle landscape.

Through the lens of a meticulous audit, SAM companies gain the capability to pinpoint potential gaps or discrepancies within their clients’ Oracle infrastructure. The insights derived from our sophisticated collection scripts empower SAM vendors to proactively rectify issues related to software deployments, configurations, and usage patterns, thereby ensuring a more accurate and efficient management of Oracle licenses. This proactive stance not only elevates compliance levels but also positions SAM companies to offer bespoke solutions, minimizing the risk of unexpected challenges and providing enhanced value to their clients.

Reactive Compliance Audits Leading to Financial Risks

SAM companies often find themselves reacting to compliance issues rather than proactively addressing them. This reactive approach can expose clients to financial risks and penalties associated with non-compliance.

To elevate their service offering and fortify clients against potential financial risks, SAM partners should consider incorporating proactive compliance audit services as a fundamental component of their portfolio. Introducing regular assessments of clients’ Oracle license compliance using automated scripts and tools enables SAM companies to transition from a reactive stance to a proactive one. Early identification of potential risks empowers SAM partners to provide timely recommendations for remediation, assisting clients in staying ahead of compliance challenges and minimizing the financial implications of non-compliance.

This proactive approach not only safeguards clients from unforeseen penalties but also strengthens the overall value proposition of SAM services. By fostering a culture of proactive compliance management, SAM partners can establish stronger, long-term partnerships with their clients, positioning themselves as trusted advisors committed to ensuring continuous compliance and financial stability.

Time-Consuming Manual Data Collection Processes

Navigating the intricate landscape of software asset management (SAM) requires precision and efficiency, yet manual data collection processes often prove to be time-consuming and error-prone. The challenges faced by SAM companies in gathering and analyzing data hinder the expeditious and accurate delivery of their services.

In response to these hurdles, our solution offers a transformative approach. We seamlessly integrate automated data collection scripts into SAM companies’ workflows, revolutionizing the data gathering process. By doing so, we significantly reduce manual effort and mitigate the inherent risks of errors, enabling SAM vendors to operate at the pinnacle of efficiency.

The incorporation of our automated data collection not only accelerates processes but also ensures a heightened level of accuracy and reliability in the information obtained. The elimination of manual data entry errors empowers SAM companies to deliver clients with meticulous insights into their Oracle landscape. This integration doesn’t merely streamline a cumbersome task; it turns data collection into a swift, error-free, and dynamic process.

By embracing automated data collection within their workflows, SAM vendors can confidently elevate their service provision. This seamless integration not only meets the demands of precision but exceeds them, empowering SAM companies to deliver unparalleled value to their clients and navigate the complexities of Oracle environments with unparalleled efficiency.